Adopt a Tiger

Adopt a Tiger Gift Package – With Personalised Adoption Certificate, Facts about Tigers, Photographs  and much more,  all contained inside a Full Colour Presentation Gift Folder.   Plus a donation from every adoption gift package purchased is made by us to two Tiger Conservation and Protection Charities.     Tigers4Ever and the Born Free Foundation via work for good.


Adopt a Tiger

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Tiger Adoption Gift Package

Adopt a Tiger – This Majestic, Apex predator, is truly the King of the Jungle!

Tigers are the largest of all the big cats.  They are also the rarest and most endangered.  It is a sad fact that there are more Tigers in captivity in zoos and safari parks/private collections, across the globe than there are out in the wild.

So endangered that just a few years ago we were at risk of losing this beautiful creature forever.

Tigers have a unique ability to camouflage among the trees.  Aided by their stunning orange and black striped fur coat they are the masters of disguise, sneaking up on their prey and then pouncing.    Once caught in their grip, they deliver a fatal bite and the game is up.

We want to see an increase in the Tiger Population across the planet and numbers have become steady.  To do this is where you come in.

Adopt a Tiger today with us for just for a 1-year adoption.   Our Gift Package not only contains pictures of your shared adopted Tiger.   But it also gives a donation with every purchase to the Born Free Foundation and Tiger4ever.  This is through the Work for Good website

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Each Adoption Gift Contains:

  • A Personalised Adoption Certificate
  • Interesting Facts About Tigers and their habitat
  • Photo of your adopted Tiger
  • Welcome Letter from our CEO about this Gift
  • A Donation from the sale of this “Tiger Adoption Gift Package” will be made to the “Born Free Foundation” via our membership of the  “Work for Good” charity platform.    Donations are made each week and we hope to give thousands of pounds each year to this great and worthy cause.
  • All contained in a Beautiful Gift presentation folder.

Do your Bit to help save this special creature from extinction and see this majestic creature flourish in the wild once more.


*10% of the purchase price of this Gift Package will be donated to the Born Free Foundation via Work for Good

*10% of the purchase price of this Gift Package will be donated to Tigers4Ever via Work for Good.

Total of 20% of the purchase price will go to charities via work for good.

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